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I hung out with Adrian Grenier last night and he is lame. The Full Story:

I am no stranger to meeting celebrities. When I was a music critic, I had to interview them constantly. And it is not unknown for one or two notable personalities to float amongst my social circle back in Toronto. So meeting celebs never fazes me. However, last night I had an experience which is probably on par with my worst celeb encounter ever  (the awful day of Jared Leto back in 2005 which you can read about here …. fuck I’ve been blogging for a long time). Last night I met Adrian Grenier who (unlike the celebs I know who are kind and gracious and giving) was incredibly lame and a boner-killer.

You heard it here first.

Adrian Grenier: When horses are this lame, they shoot ’em.

Me and my friend Sidonie* (*not her real name, obviously. Changed to protect her privacy) were walking down East Houston Street last night around 11pm when we turn a corner and come face to face with Adrian Grenier who flashes us his brilliant smile. I recognize him immediately. Sidonie does not. We keep walking a few paces, but I quickly turn on my heel and call out to him before he disappears around a corner, “I love Entourage!”

I have never seen an episode of Entourage in my life.

The only thing I’ve ever seen him in is that fantastically manufactured movie from the 90s with Melissa Joan Hart, and the subsequent Britney Spears music video that accompanied.

He motions me and Sidonie over, holds up a 6-pack of Buds, and says, “We’re going to drink these and celebrate 4th of July on a rooftop, wanna join us?”

I say back, “I ain’t gonna say no!”


He introduces us to his two friends with him, John and Noah. They all went to high school together, and they all live in New York, but for whatever reason, they never see each other. Probably because Grenier travels a lot for work. He said he was just in Michigan and before that Ohio. I am blown over by the glitz and glamour.

We walk back down Houston to the Red Square building. That’s exactly what it’s called. Sidonie and I had walked by it earlier and I had commented that, with a name like that, it must be like living in Communist Russia.

We get to the roof, and there’s a huge statue of Lenin up there. So yeah…. Russian.

Sidonie asks to use the loo, and by using such terminology, it makes Grenier comment that “his lady” is also British and he has had to get used to British-isms.

And that is the most he said all night. He is completely out of it, and, we later realize, absolutely stoned. John and Noah tell us about their night at some bar where a naked woman fed them cheese (that’s definitely a stoned story), and then they whip out a bong and each take a hit. Both Sidonie and I decline the bong, especially after all three of them cough and hack like it’s the strongest shit ever.

We start to talk about Canada, about living in New York, about travelling, about Asians (don’t ask), and we start to see some fireworks out in the distance from Brooklyn to which we oooh and ahhhh. Sidonie and I are driving the conversation forward each time, throwing our best gems at them all night, trying to get them to at least talk to us. John and Noah, bless ’em, were very obliging and entertaining.

Grenier is not. He doesn’t really engage us in conversation, apart from the odd remark. He can barely make eye contact. He plays a song from his phone so that we have background noise, but other than shifting from one foot to the other, really doesn’t say much. John and Noah do all the entertaining, and frankly, are more deserving of any fanfare  that Grenier garners.

It’s really windy on the roof, which I am enjoying after the sweltering day on the streets of Greenpoint photographing graffiti. But Grenier is totally not feeling it. He comments several times how he doesn’t like the wind because it’s messing his shaggy hair, nor does he like the roof because there is no seating up there. (It’s literally just a rooftop with a railing …. and Lenin).

So Sidonie, John, Noah and I push on with our conversation. We are laughing a lot and slowly getting to know these guys. They are teachers and playwrights, and occasionally direct shows for HBO with Grenier.  I’m actually beginning to forget Grenier is even there. But after 45 minutes of pleasantries and chatting amongst ourselves, Grenier suddenly opens his mouth to speak. We collectively hold our breath, waiting for the wisdom and gems to fall from his lips like rain, and wash down upon us in a shimmering glow of enlightenment:

“I want tacos.”

Thanks you, Obi Wan.

At that, we follow him back down to street level and walk across Houston and into Soho to a place called Taquiera on Orchard street. The place is rammed and we feel like a two groupie sheep following this hungry, stoned boy into a joint to satisfy his munchies.

It’s painfully obvious by this point that Grenier only invited us along in the first place because he wanted filler for his (pardon the pun) entourage.

Sidonie and I quickly decide this isn’t for us, and we walk over to him to say our goodbyes. We thank him for a lovely encounter (lie), and congratulate him on his success. He says he is currently making a movie right now but isn’t at liberty to say which one (that’s great, but no one asked). He makes mention that he would love to work with Natalie Portman one day (um. okay.) Sidonie then asks innocently if she can take a photo with him.

He replies, “I’d rather not because I’m really stoned.”

Cue eyeroll.

We each give him an insincere hug, then make a swift exit, leaving him and his stoner entourage to find some other brown-nosers for ego-inflation.

Back out on Houston, Sidonie and I just look at each like we need a defibrillator.

Maybe it’s because we’re Canadian… maybe it’s because we are accustomed to the celebs we know to be gracious and kind …. maybe it’s because it’s exciting New York …. for any/ all of these reasons, we were simply unmoved by the whole experience.  A great reminder that celebrities, like other humans, are just as prone to being uninteresting and boring as the rest of us.

An epiphany that is only to be found in a place like New York.


8 responses

  1. Nothing wrong with being stoned!

    July 4, 2012 at 2:33 PM

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  4. I’m with Casie. Nothing wrong with being stoned!

    June 24, 2013 at 4:29 PM

    • Dahlia

      Funny, but I met him at an event on the East Coast and I found him (and Kevin Dillon and Jerry Ferrara) to be quite charming and unassuming. As you said, celebrities aren’t exciting all the time……they’re people. Give Adrian a break.

      February 28, 2014 at 12:45 PM

      • All I have is my experience with him to draw on, so I’m not required to give him a break. No one will remember who you weren’t, just who you were.

        March 5, 2014 at 1:14 PM

  5. Pilar

    It’s unfortunate that you had this experience. I like Adrian, but I guess I’m not surprised, esp. since his mom was a flower child from New Mexico, where he was born (if you’ve seen his docu, A Shot in the Dark, you get a lot of info about him. I saw him in late April, 2012, when I was in NYC, & a friend & I saw The Honey Brothers in concert. We were about 10 feet away from him for about 20 mins., & he was fine. Just hanging out & talking w/several friends. Larissa had to work the next morning, & I wasn’t gonna stay out by myself, so we missed their after-party, which was @ a place they named when the concert was ending. Had we gone, thinking about it now, maybe we would’ve seen him in the same state. I would’ve been pretty disappointed had I been you too.

    April 24, 2014 at 8:19 PM

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