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My space has been invaded


the last time i found a Space Invader was well over a year ago when I was wandering about Alphabet City. so to find THREE invaders in the “space” of a few days was more exciting than being a virgin at a prison rodeo.

this gorgeous sample was found on Bedford and North 5th in Williamsburg.

usually he puts them really high up on buildings or overpasses where no one can reach them. this one was low enough to touch!

this one i found at Ludlow and Stanton in the LES

whenever i find a piece of street art that really excites my senses, i do a little dance on the street, in the spot where i saw it. when i found this, i did my little jig, and the garbage truck behind me started blowing its horn to show some appreciation.

the sanitation folks are jolly friendly blokes, courteous and easy going. they mop up when you’re overflowing. and tell you when your ass is showing. #SimpsonsAlert

the garbage maaaaaaaaaaaan.

oh the garbage man can.

this next ‘vader was just south of the previous one, still at ludlow and stanton. Even though it was in a doorway and basically within reach …. i am a pipsqueak, and couldn’t get my arm high enough to snap a proper photo.

hence the weird angles of these shots.

still … wicked exciting to find it! Love you ‘Vader!

if you’d like to watch Space Invader in action, putting up his tiles all over the streets of Paris, watch this incredible short piece on him. It’s set to an amazing dubstep track, and is beautifully filmed. ROCK ON!

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