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5pointz: the institute of higher burnin’

i haven’t been to 5Pointz since March 2011 so i was well overdue for a return.

but there was also a very specific reason for me to head over to 5pointz …

… a familiar face was having a little art show ….

that’s right! Spudbombs and Rob Fuckin’ Ford’s face galore! Spud reprazentin’ TdotOh.

this was pretty exciting. i got all giddy and did my lil’ graffiti-jig right there in queens.

there was also lots of new work to be found on the walls. whilst i was there, several graff artists were hard at work. 5pointz doesn’t mind if regular folk take photos, just as long as they don’t snap the artists themselves at work. anonymity is essential to a graff artist.

i think this Los Bancos wheatpaste by Crisp is one of my favourites. the Banker has a storm trooper head!
these aren’t the bailouts we were looking for.

another Crisp/star wars theme to support Occupy Wall Street
“the 99% we are!”

this piece is fucking brilliant. it’s done with little points of paint (dots) just like Seurat, Monet, and Renoir did in their impressionist paintings! look closer!

this is by international graff artist James Cochran

i think this is a tribute to amy winehouse, who covered Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow once.

this song is really sad… because she’s asking the question, but she already knows the answer…. so she’s asking him to lie to her so that she can live with herself for sleeping with him….

been there.


by the way, the powers that be are trying to bulldoze 5Pointz. Stop them and save the Mecca. Click here to join the FB group.

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