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Flaming MOMA

I took a trip to the MOMA in manhattan (museum of modern art) because on Fridays between 4-8pm, it’s free! Usually it’s a $25 admission price, so this was genius. It was also packed as fuck with annoying tourists (present company excluded of course).

What bothers me about tourists in art galleries is they don’t go to enjoy art. They go to take photographs and zoom through the place like it’s a race. I was standing in front of one particular piece, trying to enjoy it, and this fucker literally stood point blank in front of me so that he could get a head-on photograph. Dude, your photograph is not more important than appreciating the art and the message behind the work. Stand to the side of me, or wait til I move…. or fuck right off.

i see a penis!

i see butt-fucking!

That being said …. excellent modern collection. Warhols and Harings and Riveras and Matisses and Kahlos, yippie!

this is when i get all META.

this is a moo point. you know, a cow’s opinion. it doesn’t matter.

it’s moo.


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