"Blogging isn't journalism, it's graffiti with punctuation."

Paul Richard Forever

On Stanton.

Last year, I blogged twice (here and here) about Paul Richard because I was so moved by his sidewalk faces. This time I wanted to get as much of his work documented as possible, so I contacted him and he told me of a few special places I could find his work. And the Paul Richard extravaganza begins!

on North 5th near Kent

North 5th and Bedford

this is hard to make out, but it says “Paul Richard Large Carbon Footprint” and above it used to be a stencil of a huge footprint. How do I know this?

because this was at West Street and Huron in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Phil Collins at one corner of Franklin and Huron in Greenpoint. I’m not sure if this is by Richard or not… but whatever, it’s a face on a sidewalk and it’s clever. In it goes!

and another Phil Collins!

well isn’t he a dapper gent!
berry and north 9th.

Richard had told me he had a sculpture at the corner of Kent and Manhattan in Greenpoint. I searched for this mysterious “sculpture” for like 10 minutes, walking by this tower several times cuz i thought this was just some kind of police camera tower or something.

but it turns out, this is it.

this guy gets more detail! he gets buttons and the outline of a dinner jacket!
at Franklin and Java in Greenpoint.

Funny story about Paul Richard’s work.  I have become so well acquainted with it, I feel qualified to inform others on his behalf. Last week I’m graff hunting in Williamsburg and I see a man and woman photographing one of these faces on Bedford near North 6th. So I approach them unsolicited and say, “that’s by an artist named Paul Richard, you can find a lot these faces here in Williamsburg and in Soho and LES if you keep your eyes open and your wits about you.”

This couple, lemme tell ya, they were fascinated. They were so jollied by discovering the name of Paul Richard. The dude even asked me how Richard gets the faces on the sidewalk in their stylized manner! I could only speculate, so I said, “I think he must do it by skillfully flicking the paintbrush at the sidewalk.” I have no clue if that’s correct or not, but it looks like it!

The couple walked away so pleased with their new knowledge and thanked me profusely.

Yay! I helped!

Anyhoo, high five Richard!


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