"Blogging isn't journalism, it's graffiti with punctuation."

Welling Court lovers

i’ve done so much digging online and i can’t find out who is behind this piece! (lil help?) i walked by it several times without seeing it because it’s so cleverly done, it blends into the environment seamlessly!

i couldn’t use the flash because it reflected off the image really badly, but you can see what looks like a hot couple embracing behind the screen door … like a love affair happening in the stock room of a convenience store.

what’s cool about this wheatpaste is that the image “appears” to be behind a chain link on the door ….. when in fact the chain link is part of the image! i touched the door, it’s a flat solid door. this kissing couple image was put behind the chain link so that it would cast a shadow, then photographed, turned into a screen print, and wheatpasted directly on the door.

a lot of work for something so worth it. this piece had my heart racing!

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