"Blogging isn't journalism, it's graffiti with punctuation."

simply the Bast

i have photographed and blogged about Bast before, and I always find his grocery-themed stencils really exciting.

this above stencil was on north 11th and kent in Williamsburg.

Vandervoort place in Bushwick.

bast juice, eh? sounds like something that would be hard to get out of my hair.

on Jefferson in Bushwick

bastoni sounds like an insult.

basty sounds like it would have a thick viscosity.

basto sounds like a racial epithet.

on wyckoff avenue, which sounds like wack-off. i used to have a boyfriend who lived near myrtle-wyckoff, so the “wack-off” is genuinely apropos.

“the god is awake!” backwards…. so lemme get this straight, the bear with the steel gloves is sling-shotting in the fish?

mission accomplished, eh?

oh Bast, you wacky, crazy guy.


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