"Blogging isn't journalism, it's graffiti with punctuation."

i would rather go blind

here’s an interesting wheatpaste/stencil combo that i found in williamsburg. the first instance of it was around metropolitan and kent ave. the saying accompanies a boy looking up at the sky, and what appears to be a guy shooting a girl in the head… but that wheatpaste is a bit damaged. this is haunting …. i wonder if the saying joined with the images is trying to convey a wish for deliberate ignorance when it comes to all the evil in the world … basically, he’d rather go blind than see the horror of humanity. which is why he’s ignoring the girl being shot in the head and stuck in his own day-dream-y world.

here’s the second instance of it, closer to north 5th and kent in williamsburg. this one was harder to make out because it’s heavily tagged and half of the wheatpaste has been torn off.

still, it’s nicely done.


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