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the ONLY time a joke about rape is funny

i just have to tell this anecdote, because everyone is talking about Tosh’s rape joke (which i found to be the best example of bullying, of inflicting pain, and of trying to control people’s responses to his stupid-ass, lame jokes… but i’ll let curtis luciani explain why Tosh’s joke was seriously fucked up, he does it better than i).

when i was living in London, England, i was at a shop, and in line to pay at the counter. there were two blokes in line ahead of me.

one of the guys yawned.

the other guy, who did not know him, STUCK HIS FINGER IN THE FIRST GUY’S MOUTH and yelled,


picture that for a moment.

now seeing as how they didn’t know each other, i thought the first guy might get a bit upset.

but no. instead, the first guy smirked and said, “it’s a good job i didn’t fart, innit?”

and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the ONLY RAPE JOKE THAT IS FUNNY.

next time you’re with one of your mates and they yawn, try doing the yawn rape. it’s a fun game anyone can play, and heaven only knows what kinda mayhem it will cause.



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