"Blogging isn't journalism, it's graffiti with punctuation."

Hot Tea

hot tea is an amazing street artist who uses yarn to create caligraphy-lettering on chain link fences. the great thing about his kind of graffiti is that it’s completely removable. so unlike spray paint graffiti which also employs calligraphy, this is temporary in the strictest sense, as yarn doesn’t hold up to the elements that well.

this is what one of his pieces looks like (i didn’t take this photo, it’s by Bowery Boogie, all copyright remains with them)

see if you inspect it, you can make out the words HOT TEA. this guy is wicked talented because all of this is done with one long string of yarn, never cut or tied together.

but Hot Tea hasn’t been in NYC for a few weeks, so by the time i found one of his yarns on berry street in williamsburg, it was looking rather worse for wear.

you can kinda work out the “tea” part.

i also really like his name. separately, hot and tea could mean two very different things, but put them together, and you have a very comforting notion, almost solace-like, and a word that denotes recuperating and indulging in the calm.

love love love.

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