"Blogging isn't journalism, it's graffiti with punctuation."

Subway dangling feet

I found this super long wheatpaste on Moore Street in Bushwick. At first I wasn’t sure what i was looking at, but after riding the MTA subway in NYC for 2 weeks, it became unmistakable the image i was perceiving. this is a photograph of people’s feet dangling off the end of the long subway seats inside the trains.

i’m going to pretend this was taken on either the N or the Q trains, because i took those trains everyday from my house-sit in queens and they have these exact same benches (other trains like the G or the 7 have different benches). I love the cross-section of people here – guys in Chucks, women in pumps, men in construction boots…

aw, little kid feet!

i have no idea who is behind this super long wheatpaste, but i absolutely adore it.

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