"Blogging isn't journalism, it's graffiti with punctuation."

Pan Jarema’s “Only Child”

this is by jarema drogowski, who seems to be utilizing a diane arbus image. Jef Campion does the same thing with his “army of one” wheatpastes…

i think i found this on metropolitan ave in williamsburg … but it might have been north 1st…. dammit, i was only in nyc for 2 weeks, and i’ve been blogging my graff photos for over a month now!! thusly my memory is failing me… if you’re graff hunting in that area of williamsburg, let me know if i’m right or wrong.

anyway, nicely done jarema! this wheatpaste is haunting and compelling.
high fives all around.


2 responses

  1. thanks!

    August 13, 2012 at 8:09 PM

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