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Fuck Charest, la résistance est un devoir!

As promised yesterday, here’s a nice post on the Montreal student protests. Graffitists and street artists have done some amazing work around the plateau and Mile End, expressing their anger but also their solidarity.

For more in the Montreal student protests, read the Wiki of it. All I want to do right now is relish in the photos!

The above red stencil was found outside the Mont-Royal metro. It translates to “Resistance is your homework” and has an image of an A+ grade on a red square. It’s a call for Montreal students to protest because it is more important than their exams.

This was found in the back alleys of Mont-Royal near Christophe-Colombe. For those of you who don’t know, Jean Charest is the premier of Quebec.

As I mentioned yesterday, the red square is the symbol of the student’s resistance. I found it spraypainted all over Van Horne near St. Laurent. Here’s one.

Here’s another.

And another.

This was stencil’d on the sidewalk right next to the red squares.

a beautifully-realized stencil of a police officer, with a red square on his breast, which says “avec vous dans l’ombre.” that translates to “with you in the shadows.”

so glad i spotted that from afar!

I found this stop sign on Saint-Viateur near St. Urbain. Reminds me of this, n’est-ce pas?

found in an alley near Mont-Royal and brebeuf. it looks like this originally said “l’argent et la mort” which means “money and death.” but then it was changed to “l’argent est la mort” which means “money IS death.”

PLQ is a political party in Quebec, and this roughly translates to “The PLQ is in the shitter”

fuck mcgill!

no justice
no peace
fuck the police

a stencil of a riot cop

and another one

this says “Leave Iraq, leave afghanistan.” This confuses me a little, because while Canadian soldiers are in Afghanistan, we never went to Iraq. Canada didn’t participate in the Iraq war. Maybe this isn’t just about Canada, but meant for others outside our borders. Or maybe it’s meant for stupid monkey Prime Minister Harper, who wanted our troops in Iraq.


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