"Blogging isn't journalism, it's graffiti with punctuation."

I hope the Olympic Games never come to Toronto

I found this mural on St-Laurent near Ontario street in Montreal. Montreal has a long history of Olympic problems. We got the summer Olympics in 1976, but the Olympic stadium was only completed ELEVEN YEARS after the Olympics was OVER. In addition, Montreal residents are STILL PAYING TAXES to pay off the Olympics.

In 2010 Vancouver hosted the winter Olympics, and there were huge protests from First Nations groups, and rightly so, if you factor in the above mural’s statement.

Toronto had a bid for the 2008 summer Olympics, and in the end, it was between Toronto and Beijing. We all know Beijing hosted it. At the time the decision was made, I was bummed, considering China has massive human rights violations and pollution so dense, athletes found it hard to breathe. But hey, let them pay for their Olympics. I’m quite glad we haven’t had to deal with the shitstorm that is the Olympics. Kickbacks & bribery, corruption, mismanagement of public finances, totalitarian state laws imposed, infringements on freedom of speech and quality of life, not to mention cost of living…. the Olympics are just one grandiose clusterfuck.

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