"Blogging isn't journalism, it's graffiti with punctuation."


Been in Montreal for a few days, I had to return very suddenly because of family stuff ( 😦 ), but all the posts you’ve been reading for the past week were scheduled to go live before I left. Anyway, this is the view of Montreal at night from Oratoire St Joseph.

Everyone knows I’m an atheist, but I had to visit Saint Nicks on de Castelnau because my great grandfather who came to canada from damascus in 1902 founded this church, so it’s a bit of a family thing. he also founded the first arabic-canadian newspaper in the country. dude was pretty ambitious.

my parents were also married here, and i was baptized here.

not that those two things mean anything, seeing as how my parents are divorced and there’s no such thing as “limbo.”

“The good will do good, and the evil will do evil, but if you want a good person to do evil things, you’ll need religion.” – Nobel Prize winning American physicist Steven Weinberg.



the raccoons on the mountain come right up to you for nibbles and snuggles.

i should at least be glad, despite the circumstances, that i’ve been able to return to montreal three times in one year.

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