"Blogging isn't journalism, it's graffiti with punctuation."

What happens when a woman is tired of London?

I don’t know if I mentioned in all my wanderlust excitement, but after my “SituAsian,” and before my Eurail.com Extravaganza, I’ll be hanging out in my old London stomping grounds for a while.

Whilst there, I really want to photograph my latest street art love, Mobstr. If anyone knows the locations of his pieces, please let a sistah know!

Did I ever tell you guys that I once emailed Mobstr to profess my undying devotion and the dude wrote me back?


Back in January, I emailed him and said that I adore his work and that he should come to Canada because our walls need his touch.

Mobstr replied,

thank you for the kind words. I really appreciate it.

maybe one day if fate allows…

all the best,


this letter feels like one of those hugs that turns into sex.

have a great weekend, munchkins!

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