"Blogging isn't journalism, it's graffiti with punctuation."

the Ansers are gone

I finally get to post the trove of Anser street art pics that I’ve been taking for months! Problem is, as I mentioned previously, most of these pieces are now gone. But at least I was able to document them before they got the chop.

this was on queen west near shaw.

this was on ossington near queen west, but it’s since been painted over.

man alive, i love Anser’s stuff. I’ve been begging via this blog for him to do my face next, but my dream is still unrealized…..  i really should put my vanity away.


another one on ossington (109 ossington) but it’s also gone…..

now that i think about it, i do tend to find his works quite often in the ossington area and thereabouts…. my detective skillz are telling me that Anser probably lives in that area. I MUST FIND YOU! Hey Anser, meet me at The Lakeview or Crafted or Bellwoods Brewery and let’s talk graff, sound good? good. done. sold. deal.

speaking of The Lakeview, this one was found directly across the street from that resto on Dundas and Ossington.

Now this one is particularly funny to me because not soon after i snapped this photo, it was painted over and there was thusly an empty wall.

then a few days later, i noticed the face was back. that made me question my eyes, because i rationalized that i must have missed the piece somehow and in fact it was never painted over.

and a few days later, it was gone again! so then i didn’t know what to believe.

turns out Anser is just tenacious (and a little bit of a shit disturber, natch) because the face reappeared for A THIRD TIME but in different spray colour…

bahahaha! he even added a note to the building owners who kept painting over his stuff, just to piss them off…

i cannot tell you how much i fricken love this! Give ’em hell, Anser!

Then i was walking through the alleys on the north side of Trinity Bellwoods park and found this Anser embedded in the garage.

You’ll remember that I once found another Anser in the park not too long ago.

and this one is also super fun because i photographed this Anser piece a little while ago, but it was without colour. Looks like Anser came back to fill it in!

now this one, munchkins, is perhaps my favourite Anser piece that he’s ever done.

it just blends so nicely with the old wood. it gives it such a rustic, beautiful, antique look…. like this is beauty in danger of extinction.

well done, my dude.

wuv u Anser! LET’S BE FRIENDS!


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