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Fauxreel is fo’real!

Again, apologies all around for posting these photos so late in the game, but as I’ve been saying, I had so many New York and Montreal photos to get through, that these have just been sitting in my photo storage banks for months, itching to be posted!

I’ve photographed Fauxreel‘s stuff before (although, admittedly, I haven’t seen his stuff about Toronto in quite some time). Fauxreel is arguably Toronto’s most famous street artist (everyone in the Brooklyn scene knows who he is, how many people can boast that?), so was glad to hear that during the Luminato festival, he was invited to erect some stuff around the Gerard and Parliament area.

These were taken at night, so forgive the lax-clarity.

Looks like he made the piece out of Condominium Open House and Grand Opening signs.

it’s nice and all, but i think i prefer Fauxreel’s wheatpastes of full-size people…. check out my Fauxreel category for examples of those:)

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