"Blogging isn't journalism, it's graffiti with punctuation."

Chuck Taylors are my weapon of choice

Some girls love Louboutins or Choos…. others refuse to leave the house without the Chucks they bought in Brooklyn for $10.

Compare and contrast.

Speaking of which, CHUCKS IN STENCIL FORM!

When I found the stencil on the shop window of Community 54, I realized they were the ones probably responsible for the street campaign of stencils. Then the owner of the shop walked out… turns out it’s a Twitter-friend of mine whom I’ve known for a few years.

Six degrees of Kevin Bacon.

whoops, i’m in the frame. i’ll move, one sec…

there we go.

These were all in and around Queen and Dufferin, in and out of the alleys 🙂


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