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Sukhothai, the ancient capital of Siam

it took me 7 hours by bus to get from Bangkok to Sukhothai so I wasn’t about to miss the crown jewel of Thailand, the ancient city, now in ruins, and a place of pilgrimage for devout Buddhists. 20121015-212438.jpg
Oh, and an excuse to plank. 20121015-212909.jpg


I’m not religious at all, so these places have no spiritual sanctity for me. However I am a huge history buff, and also an art lover. Throughout all my travels and journeys around the world, I have always loved that feeling of touching the same stones and oaks and structures and fabrics and papyrus and pens and swords that others hundreds of years ago also touched. Touching these places gives them more meaning to me. It’s a way to connect me to the past. Also, as an art lover, i must say- look at the craftsmanship on these sculptures! Must have taken Siam’s most beloved artisans hundreds of days to fashion these beacons of beauty and purity.





whatever, planking rules. 20121015-213352.jpg


what’s great about thailand’s historical sites is- you can go right up to them, touch them, walk on them, climb them … And my favourite bit is, you can rent a bicycle and cycle around their ruins, as I was more than giddy to do.

monks taking photographs monks taking photographs, someone PLEASE make a tumblr about this!
biking makes me happy!
Right now I’m in Chiang Mai, the most cosmopolitan city in the north of Thailand. I just arrived here after a 6 hour bus ride. Here for the next few days, I hope luck be a lady tonight. Not a ladyboy.


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