"Blogging isn't journalism, it's graffiti with punctuation."

Flying to Phuket

My rucksack has two very important patches on it 😉

A glimpse into the life of a travelling backpacker:
-have drunken idiots wake you up in the middle of the night as they stumble into the dorm
-wake up at 5:30 am looking like you were attacked by a weed-whacker.
-walk with 15kilos on your back for half an hour to the bus station, your only company the sound of crickets, frogs, stirring roosters, and the occasional motorbike
-watch roosters fight with stray dogs over discarded bread buns at the bus station for 45 minutes.
-board the mini-bus back into the main city, which winds up and down through perilous altitudes, coming dangerously close to the edge of the mountain and colliding head-on with speeding songatheuw’s.
– do that for three hours whilst falling in and out of consciousness.
-finally reach the main city, and climb into the back of a pick-up truck with a Dutch and German couple heading for the airport, because it’s cheaper than a taxi.
-as you raise your arm to steady yourself, realize you smell like Eau de Septic Tank.
-arrive at the airport for your flight to Phuket, and burn your tongue on a flaky hot apple pie puff.
– load up on coffee
-board your flight to blue waters and white sands.
-never look back


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