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Exploring the Hongs and James Bond Island

Yesterday I had the opportunity to take a sea canoe out onto the turquoise seas to explore the “Hongs” which are basically caves formed underneath small islands. You paddle out to the islands, then lie flat in your canoe as the tide slowly takes you under the opening (can only be done at low tide) and into the Hongs. A whole new world of beauty and wildlife is to be found there. We fed monkeys right out of our hands, they were so tiny and docile and ah-door-ah-bluh! We also saw fish that had, get this, FEET! They were crawling about the mud like it ain’t no thang.



I actually took this beautiful photo but even that doesn’t convey the magnificent beauty of the area. One of the ship hands said this area was even more beautiful before the Boxing Day tsunami of 2004. How could this possibly be more beautiful?
20121023-093340.jpgthat’s Amanda, another backpacker from my hostel and as luck would have it, she’s from Saskatchewan! Canadians are slowly taking over the world!


monkey cutie snuggles!
20121023-093710.jpgif you look closely, you’ll notice this monkey is missing half an arm. Our guide said he probably fell from a great height, but how did he not die from blood loss? It healed perfectly as well, so this makes me think he was caught in an illegal trap, rescued, treated, and returned to the wild.

Next stop, James Bond island! If you don’t know, the roger moore flick The Man With The Golden Gun was filmed here, and since so few movies are actually filmed here ( the Thai government requires all scripts to be approved here before filming), this locale is a huge deal. Other famous films shot in the area include The Beach and The Hangover.

I couldn’t plank at James Bond island … So…

Cool story, bro.


So Amanda and I have just finished swimming in these turquoise cool waters by a hong cove when we reboard the yacht …

20121023-094618.jpg… And one of the ship hands just gives us these flowers they made out of banana leaves! We were so shocked and also so moved! No one else on the packed yacht received one. We kinda melted right then and there.
Thai people are so generous and kind! I don’t know how I’m going to travel with this without smashing it, but I will do my best!
Aw, bless.

20121023-094929.jpgoh and our minivan had a strict no-farting rule.

As you do.

Wocka wocka wocka.

I have one more day here in Phuket and then I’m off to Koh Samui!


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