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Kayaking and snorkelling at Angthong Marine National Park

This “Situ-Asian” is kiboshing so many of my previous transnational extravaganzas thus far… And I’ve been backpacking for 7 years.
I joined a day tour to the Angthong Marine National Park just off the coast of Koh Samui. They pick you up from the hostel, give you brekkie, take you out there, send you kayaking, take you lagoons and lookout points, give you lunch, let you cannonball off the top deck of the yacht, send you snorkelling and swimming, then transport you back to Koh Samui and back to your hostel front door. All for the grand price of $60, and that’s expensive for Thailand! Most of the tours I’ve done thus far have been closer to $30, so today I splurged.
don’t I look awkward in that life jacket? That fucker came off after a few strokes of the paddle. Also, look at the colour of the water! That’s just the colour of the sea round here! No blue tiles at the bottom, no chlorine… Boggles the mind.
obviously I don’t have any snaps of me snorkelling … I really need a waterproof camera. But this photo I took is just too good to be true, n’est-ce pas?
I can’t tell where the water ends and where the sky begins. I once read a novel as a little girl where the protagonist described such scenery as “where the heavens lean against the earth.” Apropos.
’twas a tough day at the office.
Look at how tanned I am! FINALLY! I was the fairest Portuguese-Lebanese gal on the planet prior to this.


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