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The destruction of Hanksy’s bi-curious George

Today is a travel day for me (heading to Koh Phangan for the Full Moon Party during Halloween) so enjoy more New York Street art! Once again we revisit our loveable boyfriend Hanksy. He’s my boyfriend …in my brain. Shaddup!

This was on Ludlow and Hester in the LES. This was Hanksy’s “bi-curious george” before some idiot with no sense of humour ripped off the best part. People like that should be dragged into the street and shot….. Too far?
That’s our boyfriend alright.
This was what it looked like before the damage. It’s george clooney with a penis shaped banana framed in a curious george motif. Love this so much! It’s so clever and still provocative. And the puns, good gawd, the awesome puns! (Photo via Hanksy’s tumblr)
When I told my boyfriend, he was none too impressed. Neither of us were. This is disgraceful. Hang your head in shame, unfunny bastard with a scraper.

and around the corner, just underneath his Ice Ice Babies piece, was one of his infamous Tom hanks/banksy blended stickers. His original style, he has of course grown since then, but it’s fun to revisit the old stuff.
actually if you look really closely at my Ice Ice Babies post, you can see this sticker, I guess I missed it last time. That’s the thing about street art, there’s always something new to discover!

Check out my Hanksy category for more of his fine work that I’ve photographed.


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