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Sunrise over Angkor Wat



I had to wake up at 4:15am this morning to catch this. It was still under the eerie gauze of night, my only light the stars and moon, which were uncannily bright. The crickets and cicadas screamed in the jungle. I sat there for about 2 hours but it could have been 2 minutes, marvelling at the magnificence of the sky.

Finally dawn broke and it got strangely quiet around me, where only moments before everyone was loudly conversing and slurping strong black coffee. The reds and orange swaths of colour smeared the sky and the 3 mountainous peaks of Angkor Wat began to glow. Illumination. I could imagine this being the 12th century, and the pious mingled with the immoral, each gaining what they needed from each other. Lotus flowers floating in pools of scented oils, artisans chipped and smoothed sandstone into dancing ladies and soldiers wielding steel swords. Snakes coiled around banisters, and the bas reliefs told epic tales of battle and death. Monks in bright orange moved like flocks of birds through the corridors, their leather sandals slapping the stones under their feet, smoothing out the roughness.

The beams of light in the sky were soon submerged under the moving waves of clouds.

And then this drunk girl behind me began to chant, “Gangnam Style! Heyyyy sexy lay-day!”

And it was the 21st century again.


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