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Angkor Wat: Nature 1, Humanity 0

At many temples within the Angkor Wat complex, they left the ruins just as they had found them – with nature reclaiming what was stolen from it 1000 years ago. In the end, nature always wins. There are some efforts to reinforce the structures so they don’t completely collapse, but I think the temples have become much more beautiful with the addition of Mother Nature’s paintbrush.

Ta Prohm

Here, as with many other examples, the trees have completely reclaimed the space. Human touch and nature’s touch blend seamlessly. You can’t remove one without the other moaning.
Trunks of trees twist amongst stone pillars. Fig, banyan, and kapok trees spread their gigantic roots over, under and in between the stones, probing walls and terraces apart, as their branches and leaves intertwine to form a roof above the structures.
this one has been so overgrown, you can see the beams put inside to reinforce the temple.

By the way, if Ta Prohm looks familiar, it’s because you saw it in Tomb Raider.

Preah Khan

Like Ta Prohm, Preah Khan has been largely left unrestored, with numerous trees and other vegetation growing among the ruins.
Because of its natural state, it is possible to experience this temple with some of the wonder of the early explorers when they came upon these monuments in the middle of the19th century.
This has an ethereal aspect and conjures up a romantic aura.

Ta Som

There is an effort here by the World Monument Fund to stabilize this temple from nature, but I say, let nature win. Sure this was constructed in the 12th century, but life cannot exist in a vacuum.
Awww, look at the little munchkin girl!


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  1. beautiful!!!

    November 9, 2012 at 11:04 AM

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