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Eurail day 1: Zagreb to Split

What a crazy first day to this crazy adventure! I woke up at 4:30am, walked for 20 minutes, took the tube for 20 minutes, then a train for 30 minutes, then a 2 hour flight, then a 10 minutes bus, then walked for another 20 minutes, then a 6hour train, then walked some more, and I’m finally in Split! I’ve almost been awake for 24 hours! Oh the joys of travel!

Some odd things that happened today along the way:
1. Remember about 6 or 7 weeks ago when I arrived in Bangkok and blogged about meeting Andy, the Londoner who is moving to Toronto? Well guess who I ran into at the airport! It was so crazy because i last saw him on the other side of the world almost 2 months ago! Gatwick airport is just one tiny corner of the world, but suddenly we were both occupying it…. small world indeed! I saw him, walked up to him and went, “Is it you?” He gave me a big hug and smooch, and turns out he was flying to Toronto right then and there! So Toronto, if you see a tall British drink if water in the High Park area, show him some Torontonian lurve.

2. A man was kicked off my flight to Zagreb because he was being disruptive and insulting the staff. He was sat directly behind me too. That’s the first time I’ve ever witnessed someone being removed from a flight. He deserved it too, I felt no pity for him after hearing the things he was saying. His seat mates tried to protest and said he wasn’t aggressive but the cabin crew stood their ground. Good for them. Let this be a lesson to you all to show some respect to the cabin crews of your flights, they have to go through so much training and security just to keep you safe.

3. My train from Zagreb to Split, which I thought didn’t require a reservation, required one. Boo! Luckily it was only 7 Kuna which is like €0.92 so it didn’t break the bank!

I haven’t been to Croatia in 4 years, and I guess I forgot how lovely and beautiful it is here. This is my fourth time here, and the architecture and people are never wont for gorgeousness. Of course, I’ve never been here in the Autumn (just the summertime when it’s fulla backpackers) so it’s great to see this place with no foreigners, just locals.
I wasn’t in the greatest mood on the train, just because I was so tired from all the travel, but the scenery was lush and ornate!
This was the jazz cafe in Zagreb with the free wifi. Right in front of the train station. Highly recommended!

So I’m with my Couchsurfing host Tamara right now, she is delightful and I love her! So glad to be here! I have one full day in Split then its off to Ljubljana!

Of course, in keeping with this budget trip, here’s how I spent my €15 today. Turns out, I have lots left over for tomorrow! Yay!

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