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Eurail day 2: Split, Croatia

Today was great! Tamara, my Couchsurfing host, showed me around the ancient walled city of Split, which reminded me a lot of Dubrovnik, and the Diocletian Palace which dates back to the 15th century. Tamara studied tourism and catering here in Split and knows so much history and classicism of the area so she was an excellent tour guide. She would point out ancient coats of arms, monuments, palaces, and temples that I wouldn’t have seen otherwise! Free tour!

This is the view from her flat, overlooking the footie stadium and the surrounding mountains.
I took her out for pastries and Croatian coffee to thank her for her hospitality. I’ve been able to save so much here because she has made our breakfasts and dinners, so as of this point, I’m finding it hard to spend €15 a day! All this money I’m saving can rollover to future days! I know as soon as I hit places like Italy or Austria I will be stretched thin so I’m so glad I decided to start in Eastern Europe!
As you can see, Split and the palace used to be a walled city used for trade and defence, and much of the area is being restored so you can really get a sense of what it looked like 500 years ago!
And because I’m here in the low season, when all the tourists have left, it’s not crowded at all, it’s quiet, serene, blissful, populated only by Croats!

This was a vantage point for ancient defence, illuminated by the moon, this is where the army would ambush invaders from the corners of this vestibule.
Remember, munchkins, graffiti and street art is always a free activity! This one made me laugh because it has such a conflicting message.
Outside the ancient temple of Jupiter, we found these carvings in the wall! This looks like an ancient carving of a horse. When I was in Dubrovnik, similar ancient inscriptions were found all throughout the walled city. They are so well preserved!
This is in Latin, so if you speak it, please translate!
Sarcophogus! What’s the plural of Sarcophogus? Sarcophogi? It’s not sarcophoguses, surely.
I don’t know what it says, but I know my Roman numerals. 1533 is the date on there. Jeez, history before my eyes!
More ancient Latin inscriptions.
The door to the temple of Jupiter was locked but it was open just a crack for me to shove my camera in there and take this photograph of the inside. Look at the carvings and artistry of the period. So gothic. So creepy. So amazing. I want in!
See the street art?
I love this window.
The gothic faces found all over the walled city kind of freak me out. They are meant to scare you into the power of religion, I think. Similar faces can be found inside Temple Church in London.


Is that a Space Invader? Looks like it but not 100% sure. Has he been to Split?
pretty nonetheless.
This street art stencil is of a fist gripping money and it translates to “knowledge is not material goods.”
Everything wrong with this, I love.

Having a good think.
Planking! This has become my thing. You love it, admit it.

So here’s today’s tally! Again, I spent so little! Tomorrow is a travel day, I head to Ljubljana, and I will have €32.11 to spend tomorrow! Yay, saving money rules!
Slovenia awaits!


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