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Layla Mansor, the lying pharmacist from Edmonton


Do the photos on this Facebook profile look familiar to you? They should, BECAUSE THEY’RE MINE. I was alerted tonight to this Facebook profile who not only stole all the photos of me that I posted on Twitter and my blog, but she also stole the biography I wrote on the upper right hand side of this blog and is passing it all off as her own! Except she added in the bio that she’s a pharmacist, and changed “atheist” to “catholic.” FIGURES!

She probably found me because she’s from Lebanon originally and now lives in Edmonton, and my ethnicity is half Lebanese.

Layla Mansor, girl, you got some ‘splaining to do.

This is really alarming and distressing to me, as it infringes on my privacy and my person. It is fraud, and it is the behaviour one would expect from an immature cretin of the lowest order.

Layla, honey, you are not me.

But you wish you were.

If everyone could go to her profile and report her for abuse ( the widget is next to the “add as a friend/message” button) that would be greatly appreciated!

This is literally my worst nightmare AND ITS WHY I ALWAYS WATERMARK MY PICS ON HERE, but she stole older pics of me before I started watermarking. This took some serious digging on her part, the pathetic wimp.

Seriously Layla, live your own life, as lame as it may be, because you cannot live mine.

This isn’t the first time this has happened, oddly enough. In 2010 I had a twitter imposter who operated as me for 6 months before I found out AND HAD THEM SHUT DOWN.

Anyone see the movie Catfish?

Someone get Nev Schulman on the phone.

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