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Eurail day 4: Ljubljana street art!

Today was awesome! My full day in Ljubljana could not have been more fun, and it’s still not over yet! Last night when I arrived from Split, my Couchsurfing host Primoz picked me up from the train station! How kind is that. We went back to his place and I met his brother Blaz. I was pretty tired from the long days journey so we just went to bed, but today was wonderful. After Primoz went to work, Blaz said he was going to his friend Jaka’s house for breakfast and invited me along! They made me spicey eggs with tea and toast and I got to play with a cat. Epic win! This is Blaz in the above photo serving the eggs.
And this is Jaka hamming it up for the camera! Anyway, before they set off for the day, they drove me to this area of Ljubljana called Metelkova where all the wonderful graffiti and street art is located. SOLD.

Anyone who knows me know that I’m a huge fan of street art. It’s ephemeral, it’s democratic, it’s liveable, but most of all, it’s beautiful. And since this Eurail Extravaganza is all about doing activities that are free or cheap in order to stay under budget, street art makes for the perfect activity because its free to enjoy! Why pay entry into the museum of modern art, when your streets are the best museum!

Do you know who did this beautiful piece of street art, munchkins?
It’s only one of the more famous artists out there, C215! I’ve photographed him in New York, London, and now Slovenia!
Hey camera, what are you looking at?
This looks like a collage of my ex boyfriends. KIDDING!
(Not kidding.)

I’ve made that face before.
I make that face all the time.
Aw. Sisterly love.
Pet the owl!
The shoes, good gawd the shoes!



Omg! Do you know who that is?! When I found this I shrieked and people on a bus stared at me oddly.
It’s a Jef Aerosol! I’ve photographed him a lot all over Brooklyn and at some point he came here to Slovenia! who knew?
He’s done this exact piece in Brooklyn before, and it never ceases to move me. It’s very potent and lovely.



Ahhhhhhhh, Motherland!


I think this piece is my favourite. Has a Picasso feel to it, a quiet sadness, and an ethereal beauty.



So after all the wonderful graff hunting, I decided to do more touristy things, and ventured into the old town that looks like it was preserved from the 17th century and influenced by Vienna’s artisans. Because it’s the low tourist season, I really had the place to myself. Just a few people on bikes, people drinking coffee, and some shop owners milling about. SO EUROPEAN!

Then I decided to climb the mountain in the centre of town that has the old 15th century castle at the top. At first I was going to use the funicular, but it turns out the cost of the funicular was €4 round trip! AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT. So I asked if I could climb the mountain for free, and they showed me where the path was. So I pulled my legwarmers up and marched up that steep mountain. A gal loves her exercise! Once at the top, I stood on the castle fortress walls to overlook the city, but it was rainy and foggy, so no photos.

Headed back down the mountain and stumbled across this amazing bridge where lovers engrave their names on a lock, attach it to the bridge, then throw the key in the river. Their love is eternal. I’ve photographed many bridges around the world where people do this, it’s quite a common practice, but I enjoy it nonetheless.
So many lovers locks!
You see that first name? It’s Tadej. I saw that and immediately remembered a task I was given.

Earlier this month when I was in Cambodia, I met a man who worked at the hostel I was staying at in Sihanoukville. His name was Tadej but everyone called him Speedy and he was Slovenian. I told him one night that I was going to go to Ljubljana, and he said he used to work at a pub here called Premier Pub. He asked me if I could go to this pub and tell the staff there simply that “Speedy says hello.” I told him I would.

Fast forward to today and I had almost forgotten about it until I saw this lock! So I looked on the map for the location of Premier Pub, and as luck would have it, IT WAS RIGHT IN FRONT OF THIS BRIDGE! So I marched inside, found some staff, and said, “Speedy says hi!” The barmaid burst out laughing and said, “You were in Cambodia!”

I told her the story, and she said she would pass it on to the rest of the staff. Then I messaged Speedy on Facebook to let him know the job was done.

See? I’m a woman of my word.



This face was painted right outside the block of flats I’m staying in. So pretty.
So in terms of money, I’m doing rather well. Primoz made me dinner and tonight he’s taking me to see the new James Bond movie which we can get in for free because he works at a cinema! SAVINGS ALL AROUND! Tomorrow I head to Padova, Italy for my “mini challenge” portion of this trip. Here’s how I spent my money today. The savings just keep piling up!


7 responses

  1. Wow, love those graffitis. But can’t get quite enthusiastic about those gollum-like creatures.
    And your post made me wonder: do you know where that whole lover lock thing originally started in the first place? I like that.

    November 23, 2012 at 12:51 AM

    • I don’t know where it started off exactly but most bridges in the western world have some kind of lovers lock on them!

      November 23, 2012 at 10:14 AM

  2. Looks like you had fun:) Nice meeting you. Can you give me a link of your advice on couchsurfing please?

    November 23, 2012 at 4:58 AM

  3. Excellent graffiti captures!

    November 23, 2012 at 4:37 PM

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