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Eurail day 8: Innsbruck



Austria at Christmastime …. this looks like the place Santa Claus was born or something! I arrived in Innsbruck yesterday and am staying with my lovely Couchsurfing host Gab who has a posh flat right in the heart of the city. Everything in Innsbruck looks like a caricature of Austrians, but in a good way. Sauerkraut, schnitzels, snausages, lederhosen, big Christmas trees and 18th century neoclassism coming outta every window and door frame. ICH LIEBE ES!


Annnnnnd, that is all the German I know, apart from Sprechen Zie English? Which I seem to be using all the livelong day.

Danke and gutentag.



Helloooooo mountains! Anyone for skiing?




I love the way the light hits the buildings in the afternoon.




I swear if you look hard enough you can see Bing Crosby singing carols by a grand piano.



In the heart of the old city are a lot of cutesy buildings and monuments engraved in Latin that have been here for hundreds of years. This kinda stuff is so exciting for a Canadian. WE EAT THIS STUFF UP. Why? Because in Canada, none of our buildings are more than about 150 years old. Sure we have 2000 years of history just like Europe, but it is First Nations history. They are a nomadic people and never laid down foundations. So we never find old ruins or have old buildings. The only ruins older than a couple centuries are the ruins in the Maritimes left by the Vikings about 1000 years ago. But whatever, First Nations history is just as interesting and exciting and novel… it is just different. That being said, OMG OLD BUILDINGS RULE MY WORLD SO HARD.



If i’m reading this right, this building has been around since 1577. Shakespeare was alive around that time, no? And Queen Elizabeth? RAD.






The artisans and craftsman who designed the streets of Innsbruck hundreds of years ago really had a sense of  feng shui, because the flow of the wind that winds through the old cobbled streets really makes you feel alive.






i think someone stole this bike and this street from my dreams. GET OUT OF MY DREAMS (get into my car).



I have a thing for doorwways. Thresholds carry a unique story all their own, especially the antiquated ones. Exhibit A.



Exhibit B.



Exhibit C.



Exhibit D.



Exhibit E…. from a funny angle.



Yes, I am the PURVEYOR OF AWESOMISM…. what of it?



Oh Innsbruck, you look like a dolls house painted in watercolours surrounded by Canadian forests.

Canada: decorating the whole world. YOU’RE WELCOME.

Here is how I spent my money today. I am rocking the budget! One week down, three weeks to go!


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