"Blogging isn't journalism, it's graffiti with punctuation."

Innsbruck street art



Someone in Innsbruck thinks they are Banksy. This is one of Banksy’s old stencils, but I highly doubt this is a Banksy original. I am pretty sure this is a forgery, but whatever, we love Banksy round hurrr.



Ghetto rat with MAH-JAH bling.



Austrians love to love. ICH LIEBE DICH! (that’s what she said)




Another Bansky rat. This is why I question the authenticity of this stencil. Banksy would never put two of the same stencil in the same place.







Fight Nazis Rats. I guess Nazism is still a problem in Austria? Hitler WAS an Austrian after all … I dunno. But I found this stencil several times.



Another bridge with the lovers locks on it. Found these in Ljubljana, in Paris, in New York, in Toronto, in London …. every city does it!






This is a lovely wheatpaste, it is a shame so many people were walking by without noticing the CHEEZBURGER.



AWW. fatty.



This was a tile! I love this kind of ceramic art.



Perhaps Antifa is a taggers name, I dunno.



Me too! Let us throw things and then dance like children of the night.



Jokes aside, well done. Very thought-provoking.



You again?



It’s LE PETIT PRINCE! Someone made a stencil of Le Petit Prince! ZOMG you hafta message me because I wanna be your friend.



We get it already!



Superman logo backwards, with the caption Mindfuck.

Ok, I dig it.



I like stencils of CCTV cameras. Dunno why, it makes me feel like an anarchist making fun of authority or something.



COOL! Someone put up a stencil of Barack Hussein Obama. I don’t know how old this stencil is, but I was in Cambodia when he was reelected as the POTUS. So I feel a bit out of the loop on things. But speaking of politics, I just found out that Toronto’s stupid monkey Mayor Rob Ford has been removed from office by the courts for conflict of interest. I CAN JUST IMAGINE ALL THE WONDERFUL GRAFFITI BIDDING HIM ADIEU GOING UP IN PARKDALE RIGHT NOW! If you check out my Fordzilla category, you will find a whole bunch of graffiti and street art from around Toronto poking fun at his shitstormanity. I just made up a word. Go me.


Oh-Bama, you are Ba-racking my world.



2 responses

  1. Markus

    Hi Christina,

    I really enjoy reading your travelblog. Therefore I’m happy to shed light on the “Antifa”-thing. It’s short for “Antifaschistische Aktion”, anti-Fascist action in Englisch (yeah, I bet you couldn’t figure that out ;)).
    Somehow you’ve managed to be always on top of the “surfers looking for a host” list on couchsurfing, so I’m looking forward to seeing your pictures of Nuremberg!


    November 27, 2012 at 2:27 AM

  2. to bad, that you haven’t seen the good one’s, but I guess most are probably gone anyway : (

    January 1, 2014 at 7:41 AM

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