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Eurail day 12: Cesky Krumlov

Ah, Cesky Krumlov. I have been hearing about your wondrous beauty for 6 years, and somehow never made it to your cobbled streets and medieval time warp. So glad that this Eurail.com challenge made it into my life, because now I can make up for six years of lost time.
Holy Krumlov.
Oh this is kind of a lame shot at the city gate, but taking photos of yourself is stupid anyway.
Wait! I wasn’t ready!
I feel like I should be paying extra for these views! Soon people will embed a credit card swipe in my eyeballs, because they have consumed way too much beauty on this trip.
The great thing about travelling outside of the summer months is you get all the wonderful views and vistas to yourself. You don’t have to shove tour groups out of your way, or try to crop all the Hawaiian shirts and fanny packs out of your photos. And Cesky Krumlov is one of those towns that is such a well preserved Medieval village, with buildings dating back 1000 years, that you really don’t want the experience ruined by tripods and guides holding up umbrellas.
Love the concave style ceiling. That design must have a name, no?
THIS LOOKS LIKE A SCREENSAVER. Points to team Estima for taking the time to get this shot right. You should see the out takes!
Aw. Barf.
Here I’m eating a traditional Czech and Slovak pastry called Trdelník. It’s this sweet cinnamon pastry that they make by swirling it around hot rotating spits. It tasted pretty suh-weet.
Planking at historical monuments time!
Wait! I wasn’t ready!
I am so jealous of people who get to live here! They get to live amongst the foundations of those from many centuries past. Remove all the modern conveniences and you could even hear the clip clip of horses and the sashaying of petticoats. In the town square, they were playing choir music and classical hymns, and it really enhanced the historical experience of being there.
THIS IS THE BEST PHOTOGRAPH EVER TAKEN OF ME. And my scarf looks like blood. Hahaha! I’m dead in Cesky Krumlov. And so can you. (Makes sense in my head.)
Me and my Couchsurfing host Adam. I wouldn’t have seen half of the things I did here had it not been for him.
We are killing you with awesome.
And then we disappeared into the fading darkness of the winding cobbled streets, and were never heard from again….

Here’s how I spent my money today! I have noticed a trend: even when I have huge surpluses to use, like today, I STILL try to keep my expenditures under €15. It’s good practice to not blow your cash just because you have it. Parsimoniousness is a virtue.



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