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Eurail day 15: Nuremberg to Strasbourg

Je me suis arrivée à Strasbourg, chiennes! I arrived here in the early afternoon from Nuremberg to find it snowing a lovely fat snow like the kind I experienced growing up in rural Quebec. I have settled in with my Couchsurfing host Emilie and have already done a bit of a walking tour of the city!

Finally an excuse to practice my French! Emilie speaks no English, so this is great, forces me to switch tongues. Marchons! MARCHONS! Qu’un sang impur abreuve nos sillions!

Today started off with a brainfart. As I left my Nuremberg host’s flat, I descended the stairs, and promptly fell flat on my face. How embarrassing.

Then the afternoon continued the trend: in the first time since my amazing Eurail.com journey began, I missed a train! Christine, the Queen of organization, MISSED A TRAIN.

Naturally it wasn’t my fault. I had to take three trains from Nuremberg to get to Strasbourg. (Nuremberg to Frankfurt. Frankfurt to Offenburg. Offenburg to Strasbourg). And my second train was late in arriving to Frankfurt, late to depart Frankfurt, and late to arrive in Offenburg. Thusly, I missed my final connection to Strasbourg.

Luckily, a train to Strasbourg leaves every 30 minutes from Offenburg. PHEWF. Crisis averted. It could have been so different. Had it been any other station, I might have had to stay overnight for another connection!

Upon my arrival, Emilie texted me (in French! ICI ON PARLE FRANÇAIS!) to tell me to take the tram to her place. AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT! So I walked about 25 minutes in the big fat snowfall to her place. I quite enjoyed it, even though I was freezing and getting soaked. Reminded me of walking to school all bundled up as a little girl.

When I arrived at Emilie’s, guess what she made me?


No, MORE FRENCH, please.

Then she drove me into the city centre and I checked out the Christmas market and practiced my French. I also learned a few words to add to my vocab. Like épais means thick, écharpe means scarf, and Le moindre des choses means It’s the least I can do!

Look at me, I’m learning while travelling. ME! LEARN!

En tout cas, today I purposely spent more money than I usually do. Normally, even when I have a surplus, I still strive to stay under €15 a day because I’m fussy like that. But today, I absolutely needed to buy a sweater, or un pull in French. When I started my backpacking adventure over 2 months ago, I was in Asia. So my backpack was half summer clothes and half winter clothes. But winter clothes naturally take up more space, so I couldn’t fit much in there. I didn’t even have space for a winter jacket (nor did I want to lug a winter jacket around Thailand and Cambodia for 6 weeks). So in Europe I have been wearing one sweater, one hoodie, one windbreaker, a hat, scarf and mitts, with leg warmers. And it hasn’t really been doing the trick. I needed a proper sweater, as thick as a Bible.

So today I splurged and used some of my (albeit massive) surplus to get myself a sweater. €17.99 is actually not a bad price for this adorable sweater, considering all the other sweaters on the rack were €59.99.

I am comfortable in my splurging! No regrets!

Look at this cool piece of street art I found today in Strasbourg! It’s by Dan 23.

Of course no one notices!


20121203-210310.jpg<br /
20121203-210326.jpgA shop called Canada! Of course, they sell animal skins and furs. This is one of the things I hate about my country. C’est un cicatrice sur le visage du Canada.

Anyway, I’m so excited to be back in France after 4 years and to finally use my French! And to be in a country for once where I actually speak the language!

Here’s how I spent my money today:



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