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Eurail day 18: Frankfurt

I slept under Dan Ackroyd last night. Two Canadians in Frankfurt. See this is why I love Couchsurfing! I have stayed in some amazing houses and apartments and flats all around Europe and it never gets dull!
Speaking of dull, when you’re travelling for a long time, there is going to be at least one day in your awesome adventures where you are just not feeling it. I would never say that Frankfurt is dull, quite the opposite, but my mood was not the best. I was cranky and grumpy from the bitter cold, from getting myself lost as I wandered around several times, and for being shoved out of the way by some locals who almost broke my headphones. So what improves your mood when you’re a moody cow like me? FOOD! Being vegetarian, Germany is a bit difficult for dining because everything is Bratwurst and Snausages and wiener-schnitzel and lotsa other disgusting things. Google to the rescue! I found this resto called Culux which serves VEGAN bratwurst in a curry sauce with chips and salad! SCORE!
I thought the place was closed when I walked in, I had the whole posh joint to myself!
All the food is made before your eyes in the tiny kitchen.
Specials! Luckily everyone in Germany speaks rather good English, otherwise I might’ve been knee deep in schnitzel.
20121206-180151.jpgLOOK AT THE NOM NOM NOMS! Look at that!

And guess who’s not a moody cow anymore? DIS GAL.

There really is nothing better than eating to improve a mood. Plus, now I am so fat, I feel like the blueberry girl in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and I need to be rolled out of here. Sprechen Zie AMAZEBALLS?

Ok ok, let’s see SOME of Frankfurt, shall we? But these pics don’t compare to the bratwurst.






There. Ya saw it.

Who wants bratwurst?

Off to see a movie with my Couchsurfing host Daniel! Guten tag!



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