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Eurail day 19: Frankfurt to Cologne

Do I smell nice? That’s cuz I’m in Cologne!

(See what I did there?)

20121208-005739.jpgAs I was waiting for my train to Cologne, it was so fricken cold that I decided to treat myself and sit in first class. Throughout this whole trip, I have always sat in second class, even though my Eurail pass is a first class pass, because I was worried that first class might be subject to an extra reservation or something. Which is silly, because you always know ahead of time which train require reservations and which do not. So here I am, first classing it up. Imma keep this up for the remainder of my trip!

So much leg room and space!

I arrive in Cologne and the first thing I see is the massive cathedral and snow. So much snow. A Canadian snow that threatens to huff and puff and blow your house down.
I’m in there somewhere.
But my Couchsurfing host Lars graciously treated me to dinner at a place called Habibi for the food of MAH PEEPS (sometimes it rules being an Arab). And then he took me on a cool walking tour of the city. I think I am going to really like Cologne!

Here’s how I spent my money today! Check out my Eurail 2012 category for more posts about this trip across Europe with Eurail.com!

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