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Eurail day 20: Cologne

Cologne was full of laughter, as you can see here. My Couchsurfing host Lars was so much fun! He took me all around Cologne to find the best graffiti and street art this side if Berlin, while also treating me to everything from German history (he found Nazi postcards and stamps that said Heil Hitler on them) to amazing acoustic performances from Australian crooners.
Plus he was pretty snap happy when it came to me as a subject.
Even in window reflections.
That’s him in the reflection of my glasses.
Just like in almost every other city I’ve been to on this journey, Cologne has a lovers lock bridge. This one, as you can see was particularly full.
Still, it was particularly beautiful.
Aw. Bless.

This was carved into the cobble stones in friont of the huge gothic cathedral. It feels like street art to me. Almost like Mobstr. I wonder if it is a Mobstr?
Do you see it next to this church?
Looks like reservoir dogs.
Lars pointed out these gold bricks to me embedded in the sidewalk. He said these are all over Cologne, and mark the spot where innocent people were deported from their homes by Nazi decree.

It’s a terrifying reminder of all too recent history.
This beautiful piece is by an artist named L.E.T. Also Lars’ initials. DUDE IS A SECRET GRAFF ARTIST. Knew it.
20121209-190748.jpgThis was a wheat paste we found in a shipping district. The blindfolded businessman is tying a noose around his neck.

Ha ha ha.
I love stencils of CCTV camera. I dunno why, I think they’re ironic.
Clever! Someone turned the mailbox into an MP3 player with headphones!

Here’s how I spent my money today! Check out my Eurail 2012 category for more posts about my adventure thus far!


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