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Eurail 23: Bruges to Utrecht

I made it to Utrecht! This is my last stop on my Eurail.com extravaganza, guys! I have done 12 cities in under 30 days and now I’m relaxing after a long day of trains topped off with a lovely vegetarian lasagna with My Couchsurfing host Esmée!
As I have blogged about before, I am only taking trains that do not require reservations, so it takes me longer to arrive at my destinations, but the scenery is relaxing and I have a lot of time to think and blog and journal. Today I had to take 4 trains to get to Utrecht.

My route was:
Bruges to Antwerp
Antwerp to Roosendaal
Roosendaal to Rotterdam
Rotterdam to Utrecht

But as with some previous multi-train experiences I have had on this journey, when one train falls behind schedule, the whole plan unravels. My train from Antwerp to Roosendaal fell behind, and thusly I missed all my remaining connections. Luckily, THIS IS EUROPE, BABY. And it’s not like there’s only one train per day. When I arrived in Roosendaal, I just looked up at the board for the next train to Rotterdam, saw that there was one leaving in 3 minutes, and ran like he’ll with my 10kilo backpack to the platform, almost twisting my ankle. I surprised myself with my strength, I wasn’t even out of breath. Buns of steel! When I did finally arrive in Utrecht, I was only 45 minutes late. Yay for frequent trains!

So the reason I wanted Utrecht to be my last stop is because the Eurail.com offices are located here and now I get to finally high five and fist bump the people who chose me for this incredible journey!

Expect photos from our high fiving tomorrow!

Here’s how I spent my €15 today!
Check out my Eurail 2012 category for more posts on my Eurail.com journey thus far!


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