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Eurail day 24: Utrecht, the final day!

I purposefully selected Utrecht, The Netherlands as my final stop on this journey because the Eurail.com offices are located here and I wanted to say hello to the wonderful peeps who chose me for this amazing journey! Also, whilst there, they had me answer questions sent in from their Facebook fans! Click here to visit their Facebook page and click on the image just like the above to see my answers!
Utrecht is a beautiful city situated on a series of interlocking canals, just like Amsterdam. And, just like Amsterdam, everyone cycles! Bikes galore! I was in two-wheeled paradise. Who needs cars? Cars run on gas and make you fat. Bikes run on fat and save you money. Seriously easy choice for me.
The Eurail.com staff were all young and full of energy, and they suddenly broke out the fooseball table to play a friendly game! Right in the middle of the work day! Suck on that, toronto.
Then they invited me to okay and I made a complete tit of myself.
Look at my hilarious lack of skill!

After they treated me to a delicious Dutch pancake lunch, they interviewed me and had me talk to some of their Facebook fans who had questions. Then I went for a little stroll around this amazing place.
It’s too bad that very few tourists make the journey here. Amsterdam, Antwerp, Rotterdam, everyone goes there. Next time include Utrecht in your plans, munchkins!

So now this Eurail.com journey of mine is over! I actually hit up 12 cities in under 30 days! And I couldn’t have made my way across Europe without the help and generosity of so many wonderful people! Firstly, fanks to Annemiek and Chantal at Eurail.com for choosing me for this epic adventure!

Then, of course, my wonderful Couchsurfing hosts! Fanks and big snuggles to Tamara, Primož, Frida, Gab, Konstantin & Clemens, Adam, Natalija, Emilie, Daniel, Lars, Koen and Esmée! I wouldn’t have enjoyed my time in Europe half as much had it not been for you guys!

So what now?

Soon you guys can expect two posts about my Top 5 countries for scenic rail travel and Top 5 cheapest countries 🙂

But for now, I am officially a waif.

I’m going to Paris tomorrow to treat myself, seeing as how I haven’t been to Paris since 2008 and there is some mega street art and graffiti awaiting me there! I’ll be there for 5 days. After that, I have no clue. I am at liberty. Maybe I will return to London. Or Canada. Or go someplace else in Europe.

It doesn’t matter.

The world is my oyster.

(Btw, do you know how the oyster makes the pearl? THROUGH CONSTANT IRRITATION. Hahaha, kidding! [not kidding].)

I won’t be blogging everyday now, nor will I be sticking to my €15 a day budget, so enjoy my final budgetary round-up below.

I hope my journey has inspired some of you munchkins to get out there and explore!

Get cape.

Wear cape.



Check out my Eurail 2012 category for all my posts along this journey!


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