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Space Invader in Paris, part deux

Damn straight it’s an invasion! I love being in ‘Vader’s home town because literally all you have to do is walk ANYWHERE IN PARIS and its not long til you come across 20 of his pieces!

This was on Rue Denoyez in Belleville.

This was just outside of Pere Lachaise cemetery. The graffiti under it translates to, “The night is beautiful, she is wild.”

This was just outside Jaurès metro stop. There are two ‘Vaders here, can you spot them?
Deux (en haut). I would highly recommend all graff heads heading to the Jaurès area, because you will feel like a pig in shit. Land o’plenty, people!
See it?
I think this one is my favourite. A ‘Vader on a floppy disk! This was just outside La Chapelle metro. Or was it Stalingrad? Either or, just look around, you’ll find it.I think the rumble of the metro caused some of the cubes to come loose.
By now, you should be able to spot the ‘Vaders. Haven’t you noticed the pattern of his placements? Always on corners, high up, overlooking the city, like a CCTV camera. Space Invaders watch over us.
Hahaha, Timbuktu.

Me looking up at it.
I think this one was my absolute favourite. It was just next to the escalators of Barbès-Rochechouart metro station, which is super busy, but no one noticed this huge red guy until they looked to see what it was I was photographing.
They were also curious why I was jumping up and down and doing a little dance in place whilst I photographed. Space Invaders make me giddy, mmkay!


20121217-172730.jpgI think this final photograph is my absolute favourite one. Blends graff with quintessential Parisian architecture and promenades.

Check out my Space Invader category for more of his pieces that I’ve photographed around the world.


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