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Top 5 Cheapest Countries for Rail Travel

Now that my Eurail.com journey is over, here’s my list of countries that I found it easiest to stay under €15 a day!

For reference, I travelled through Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Belgium, and The Netherlands

#1 Croatia! The reason I started my journey in the east is because prices are more affordable, and Croatia is gorgeous without the luxury prices! I’ve been to Croatia four times now, and it’s beauty astounds me, but I had a hard time spending €15 a day! I was struggling to blow money. What a great place!

#2 Czech Republic. Just like Croatia, beauty without the price tag. Even though they’re part of the EU, they use their own currency, and the conversion is rather sweet in your favour.

#3 Slovenia. An EU country without the price tag. A cup of coffee is under €1 and a beer is like €2.50!

#4 The Netherlands. I actually never got around to spending money whilst in Holland! Not a dime! But if I had gone grocery shopping, an entire order would have been less than €15 for one person!

#5 Germany. Depends on where you go in Germany, of course, and I would recommend staying away from the Christkindlmarkt’s if you don’t want to blow money unnecessarily, but I saw movies for €2.50 and rode the S-Bahn for free because of my Eurail pass!

Up next, Top 5 Scenic Countries for Rail Travel!

Check out my Eurail 2012 category for all the posts on my journey.


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