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Top 5 Scenic Countries for Rail Travel


Now that my Eurail.com journey is over, here’s my Top 5 scenic countries to take those lovely long regional trains through!

For reference, I journeyed through Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Belgium and The Netherlands.

#1 Czech Republic. This may surprise some of you, but I saw some wonderful things as my train sped toward, and from, tis wonderful country! Horses in pastures running alongside the train! Farmers waving at the train as it passed. Snow capped mountains. Bunnies! Duckies! Cow-sies! Ok, I’m getting carried away, but I loved how the train was the focal point of life in the middle of the open country.

#2 Austria. High on a hill was a lonely goatherd. LAY DEE OH DE LAY DEE OH DE LAY.

#3 Slovenia. I was really surprised at how many cyan blue streams and deciduous-tree-lined mountains there were to be found outside the train windows of Slovenia.

#4 France. So much beautiful pre-war architecture, little stone cottages, fields of lavender, rustic lodges and a sea of berets …..hahaha kidding on that last bit. (Not kidding).

#5 The Netherlands. Windmills! Old-timey style and those new metal ones! OMG THE WINDMILLS WERE THE BEST PART.

If you want to re-read (or discover for the first time) my month long journey through Europe on a budget with Eurail.com, check out my Eurail 2012 category.

See you on the road, munchkins.

I’ll be the girl sleeping in some forgotten corner of a European railway station.


One response

  1. Glad to see Slovenia made your list. Hope you enjoyed!

    December 20, 2012 at 5:06 AM

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