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No schleppen’ ’bout love

So  many pieces of street art in Cologne are on the theme of love, yearning, pining, and matter of the heart.


No schleppen’!

The realm of heaven is a state of the heart.”

These phrases are by street artists Chaleur Humaine

Power versus love.”

Are you happy?”

This is an interesting piece we found in a gallery, because the stencil is sprayed on an old candy dispenser from the mid-20th century.

Done and done.

Lars had to explain this one to me. In his own words:

<<it’s a wordplay on Karl Marx’s quote “it is not the consciousness of men that determines their existence but their social existence that determines their consciousness” (dialectical materialism)… the correspondent quote in german is „Das (gesellschaftliche) Sein bestimmt das Bewusstsein“.

instead of saying “existence determines consciousness“, the stencil says “existence puts consciousness out of tune” / “being disgruntles one’s consciousness“…

here’s your vocabulary test for the day:

bestimmen = to determine

verstimmen = to disgruntle, to put out of tune

a clever one, that is. yes indeed.>>

And the alcoholic afternoons that we spend in your room, they had more worth than any living thing on Earth.”

Maybe true freedom always needs another human being.”

Who knew Germans were such lovertines?



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