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Another Banksy behind plexiglass

This was off of Rivington Street in Shoreditch. Okay, I understand the need to put Banksy’s behind plexiglass, because they’re worth a lot of money and people hate Banksy so they try to destroy his stuff …. but I fucking hate this.

People like street art because it’s raw, savage, wild, and ephemeral. Putting it behind some authoritarian glass just canonizes it, and removes all the joy.

I mean, if street art was meant to last forever, Banksy wouldn’t have put this up in a fricken alley. Expiry dates are what make urban art special.

Just a side thought – Rivington Street in London is fulla street art …. and so is Rivington Street in New York city. COINKYDINK?

It’s actually rather uncanny.

Check out my Banksy category for more of his work that I’ve photographed 🙂


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