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C215 spreads colour across London

My boyfriend and I went scouring through Shoreditch and Brick Lane recently because the blogs were screaming at us that C215 had just blown his wad across London, so we had to check it out. We used Lars’ nice camera instead of my crap point n’ shoot, hence for better pictures! Huzzah!

so much C215 ahhhh!! HE’S EVERYWHERE!

snuggle pussy!

Lars took this photo, so copyright remains with him, you right-clickers.

see how the pulse of the city is underneath this C215? i didn’t know that dude had travelled from new york to london!! SO EXCITING!

here’s one i found in hackney wick, on roach road. that place reminds me of bushwick, more graff artists should migrate there, brick lane is so over.

now i’m not 100% sure if this is by c215 or not…. the style looks somewhat different, but there are similarities. there’s no cube trademark though…. so i’ll just throw it in anyway for good measure.

Check out my C215 category for more of his works that i’ve photographed around the world!


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