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Noir teams up with Stik

Most people, even those not into street art like us, will recognize the work of Noir (aka Thierry Noir) because he infamously painted the Berlin Wall with his humanoid figures, which became iconic symbols of Berlin.

He recently visited London (like a few days ago), and repainted the wall behind the Village Underground on Holywell Lane, the same spot where I photographed those monster-sized Phlegms a few weeks ago. And naturally, he teamed up with London’s answer to humanoid figures, Stik!

I like how they seem to be curiously eyeing each other up.

I think there must be some kind of street art walking tour operating in London, because I had to shove and elbow my way through a group of tourists just to get this shot. I know there are street art tours in New York and Toronto, so I guess it makes sense to have one in London.

Kiss me I’m German!

After I scored this huge coup (nothing painted on this wall lasts for long, it is constantly being painted and repainted, so I’m glad was able to snag this), I found a whole bunch of little Noir’s around Shoreditch 🙂

This was on Rivington next to the Banksy.

This was on Curtain Road.

Check out my Stik category for more of his work that I’ve photographed!


3 responses

  1. Amazing photo’s! I’ve recently become aware of Stik and Noir’s street art since all the press about Banksy’s work being stolen. It’s great how street artists are getting recognition.

    February 26, 2013 at 5:02 PM

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