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Cologne Roa

I once found a beat-up looking Roa in Cologne back in December, as you can see here. Since moving to Cologne, I haven’t found another until the boyf did some digging. We hopped on our bikes and zoomed through the city, zigging and zagging until we finally found a second Roa!

It’s creepy as fuck! I love it!

Roa always does murals of things dying or in decay. This hanging skinned rabbit is something one would find most readily in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Asia … or, you know, the West about 120 years ago. But what the boyf and I noticed right away was, were it not for the rabbit head, tail and legs …. doesn’t the body carry the same musculature as that of a human?

Check out my Roa category for more of his work that I’ve photographed all around the world over the past few years!

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