"Blogging isn't journalism, it's graffiti with punctuation."

Robbed Mobstr

Remember a few months ago when I was still living in London and I found this “buff” piece by Mobstr in Shoreditch? Basically what had happened was, he had put up a piece, the owners of the building had blacked it out, so he went up there again and wrote BUFF BUFF BUFF all around the removal sites.

Well, I was back in London briefly this past week, and what do I see?

They had blacked out his BUFF parts, and so he returned AGAIN, being the awesome shit disturber he is, and put HERE HERE HERE all over it!

I can just imagine the building owners walking outside in the morning, looking back upon their beautiful exposed-brick façade and suddenly exclaiming GAAAAAAAAAH! DAMN YOU MOBSTR. YOU’VE WON AGAIN.

Anyway, as I wandered away from Shoreditch towards Brick Lane, I found another Mobstr piece where he bombs the same wall that he previously had hit, poking fun at his removal.

This probably won’t be available on canvas later.

What’s the arrow pointing at?

The original spot on the wall he had placed that, only to be tagged over.

Shut up, I had to.

Check out my Mobstr category for more of his pieces I’ve photographed around London!

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