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The Best Space Invaders from Paris

I have photographed Space Invaders all around the world (as my Space Invader category can attest to), and I have photographed some wonderful ‘Vaders in Paris before (here and here), but this time in Paris, I wasn’t even really looking for ‘Vaders, as I was actually there to do a Writers Tour of Paris, but it seems the ‘Vaders were out to find me. I found, without even trying, some of the largest ‘Vaders in Paris and quite possibly the world. I took 120 photographs of JUST Space Invaders.

Invader is very productive.

Boulevard des Filles-du-Calvaire.
This is the biggest ‘Vader I have ever seen.

It’s bigger than the door!

I was lucky to find this one. I wasn’t planning on going to the Oberkampf area, but my CouchSurfing host told me he had seen one here, without really giving me a street name or an intersection. So I hopped on a Vélib and rode up from Place de la Bastille and just happened upon it!

Rue Trousseau. I was just walking along, and was stopped on this street corner for a red light, looked behind me to try and find the street name, and this ‘Vader was staring down on me!

See it? I know the door is mesmerizing but….

ah, voila.

I love the detail of the tiles coming down the bottom, forming what looks like a Masonry symbol, but it could be anything…

As I was photographing this little guy, two people walked by me, and the guy was like, WTF? The woman had to explain to him about ‘Vaders, which is surprising, because every Parisien I’ve ever met knows all about ‘Vader.

Cité Aurry.

Pay attention to this huge ‘Vader, specifically the empty space underneath it. In a later blog post, I will show you how something popped up in the week from when I first visited this spot, to the next week. A particular street artist has been very busy …

This was on Boulevard Saint Germain. I love love love the ‘Vaders inside the floppy disks! Found others like this in Paris before, but it always excites me.

Rue la Bruyère

Place Pigalle

Rue de Bagnolet, pretty ‘Vaders all in a row!

Quai Branly, across the street from La Tour Eiffel

Cité Aurry, looking down upon the cobbles

See it?

Rue de Bagnolet

Rue des Orteaux

Boulevard de Charonne, but I couldn’t get close to it, sorry guys! Grainy, crap shot.

Rue de Candie

And the stickers:)

Check out my Space Invader category to see all the ‘Vaders I have photographed all around the world!


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