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The sore, serene invader

These are all the Space Invaders I have found thus far over the past month in Belgium (and one outside the country….)

This is near the Grand Place.

The ‘Vader is peeing because the most famous symbol of Brussels is the peeing boy…. I just try to remind myself that there’s no accounting for taste.

I saw this huge guy from three blocks away. It’s hard to miss.

Now a pissing dog? This city may not smell like infectious human waste, but it definitely is l’air du temps.

This is at Saint-Cathérine. I was with my friend Adam, who lives in the area, when I noticed it. He has lived here for 12 years and never noticed it. He was baffled by my keen eye.

The ‘Vaders are bigger in Brussels. Usually he uses the small bathroom tiles which are the size of Rubix cube sections. He’s using massive floor tiles here.

See it? I found it wandering around Ixelles, trying to avoid that Rastafarian guy in the red car who was blaring his music and trying to catch my attention.

This is deffo a Vader because that painting-hand is a motif of his, but I can’t make out what it is he’s painting?

I’m short so this is my angle… sorry about that.

I saw this one from the train that I take to get into the Brussels city centre, and had to wander through the city for hours just to find it, without knowing the street name, or even where the hell I was going.

It’s probably the biggest one I’ve found in the country.

I hope you like more peeing!

When ‘Vader starts pooping, that’s when I will call it a day.

This was the Vader in another country that I found by accident. It’s a one-eyed monster. I love it.

This particular city in this particular country had hundreds of ‘Vaders, but I wasn’t in the headspace to actually go looking or hunting. I had lost an interest. But this one I found by accident, so I thought, “When am I going to be here ever again? Might as well…”

Check out my Space Invader category for all of his work that I’ve photographed around the world.


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